6 Must have Mobile Apps for every college student in 2022

Studying is an important way for students to keep their grades up and perform well on their exams.  But while studying can mean spending long hours in the library, it doesn’t have to be so boring. With the rapid and continuous improvement of digital technologies and greater access to cheaper and faster internet, there are numerous apps to help make studying easier and more enjoyable. Here are 6 must have apps for every college student in addition to Tutors Nest all homework help app.

  1. Google Play Books

This app is free to download and offers access to tens of thousands of electronic books, including most of the course texts you need in college. Some books are free but others can be accessed at a cheaper cost than the hard copy version.

  1. Microsoft Office Lens

This app allows you to scan documents, whiteboards, and more to convert into PDF format. You don’t have to copy notes from the textbook or whiteboard since with this app you can instantly snap a picture and store it in your smartphone as a PDF. It saves time and paper for college students.

  1. SelfControl

This productivity app allows you to block any distractions while studying, attending lectures, or doing group work. The app blocks social media sites and other entertainment sites that could distract you from your studies or coursework.

  1. Microsoft To Do

This app is useful when you need to plan daily to-do lists or keep track of several assignments. It basically performs everything your traditional high school planner did.

  1. Dropbox

This app is the perfect place to store huge files, assignments, and study resources. You can store all these resources and more in once location and you can access them from any location as long as you have internet connection. You can also share files with your professor and other students seamlessly as well as view and edit your documents from the convenience of your PC, Tablet or smartphone.

  1. bSafe

This app will help to keep you safe when you have to walk alone from class or a friend’s place late at night. With this app, you can create a network of close friends and call them top walk you home virtually as you live stream your journey. It also has a voice-activated alarm in case you’re in trouble.

As you head off to begin a new life in college, you can ensure that you are productive and safe; by having these apps in your smartphone, PC or tablet.