Discussion 3 – Business Law and Finance

Discussion Question – Business Law and Finance

Business laws allow organizations to participate in corporate social responsibility (CSR) through community activities. When the USA Business Roundtable issued a statement redefining the purpose of corporations away from maximizing shareholder value to “promoting an economy that serves all stakeholders — customers, employees, suppliers, communities and shareholders,” CSR became a central and powerful American business tenet.  In this discussion question, you will apply theory from your past courses in business law and finance: 

Describe two (2) ways your past/current or potential employer contributes to the community.  You should include the name of the company and explore the subject of social corporate responsibility and describe in detail how the company performs CSR. 

Provide your response if you agree that giving companies tax breaks for charitable contributions distorts public spending.  Why or why not?  Describe in details to support your response. 

Peer Response

Provide one (1) peer response and detail your business opinion on their thoughts on tax breaks for charitable contributions.  Explain why you agree or disagree with their position.  Support your position.

Discussion Question Requirements

Write your responses in the APA format. 

You must include at least two references in your Discussion Question – Business Law and Finance.

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