5 Memory Techniques Every college student should practice

When exams are just around the corner, many students ask themselves how they can study and remember everything. While memorization is important, it is important to ensure you have a clear understanding of the subject in order to perform your best. Here are some practical steps you can use to improve your memory and get the most out of your practice sessions.

Take Regular Study Sessions

The more frequent you review your coursework, the better you can train your mind to memorize what you learned with greater accuracy. Taking regular study sessions will help you to memorize faster when you have exams. It also helps you to learn how to use your memory more effectively.

Visualize the Study Material

One of the best ways to exercise your memory and remember what you studied in class is to visualize the study information. There are many techniques you can use to visualize information. You can use mnemonics and acronyms to create patterns, words, and phrases with the information you need to remember.

Associate Images with Names or Words

You can recall names and words a lot easier by associating images with words or names. Remember the names of historical events by associating an iconic feature from that period with the name of that event. You can also use the same technique to remember the names of important people in history.

Associate Information to Something Familiar

Research indicates that it’s easier to learn new information if you can associate it with something that is already familiar. For example, if you’re learning about voltage, you could link electricity to the water in a tank. The water in the tank is the charge while the flow of water is the current and the pressure of the water is the voltage.

Take a Walk before you attempt to memorize

Physical exercise is healthy for both your body and brain. Studies have shown that people tend to memorize better when they exercise before trying to memorize information. A simple walk or a light job can do the trick.

While there are numerous techniques for students to memorize information, these are some of the simplest methods you can rely on. Once you have mastered the techniques listed here, you can proceed to find more memorization tricks that you can apply.